1. It's way lower friction to talk with your team!
  2. From a technical standpoint, it’s actually just one click to talk (no waiting for someone to pick up).
  3. From a social standpoint, you see who's online this second, and what app they're using, which lets you know whether they're coding or designing etc
  4. To sum up, the difference is, in Tandem, you feel like you're around the same table as your team. You feel each other's presence, and you can talk instantly. 

Here's what some users say:

The main benefit from Tandem is to be able to see the presence of our remote team. Today we are often all on a Zoom call for most of the day. But no one can tell which one. And if you pop into work late you can’t tell the call is happening. With Tandem I can see who is around and who is chatting where.

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