☀️ Schedule a "Co-working" day

Co-working in Tandem is a great experience. You can feel like you're next to each other and seamlessly jump into collaboration mode. A great way to set it up for your team is to schedule it as a whole day event.

  1. Create a "Co-working" room and copy the room link

  2. Create a calendar event and paste the room link. Here's a template

  3. Invite your remote teammate to the event. If they click the link they'll automatically join your team.

⏱ Schedule Office Hours times

Tandem is also great for office hours. Engineering leads use it to allow their peers to asks questions in an open format. Customer success teams use it to create onboarding hours. Remote leaders (execs/CEOs) use it to open op spontaneous communication channels

  1. Create a calendar event for office hours. Maybe for a long duration 2-3hours

  2. Invite people to the event and tell them you're going to hang out in Tandem

  3. Let people come in and out at their own pace. They'll be able to see if you're already talking to someone and avoid interruptions.

Teams have found great success creating recurrent events. E.g. every Friday

📦Share slides and walkthrough video with your teamamtes

🔌 Leave the Tandem app open during working hours

When Tandem is open other people can reach out to you. Because Tandem shares your app context, they can get an idea if you're working on something collaborative or if you're best left undisturbed.

🖥 Install the Tandem's Slack app
With the Tandem's Slack app you can type "/tandem" in Slack to initiate a quick conversation. 

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