How can I get Tandem for Linux?

Tandem is primarily distributed via Canonical's Snap Store.

We have a .deb build available for legacy distros and ChromeOS, but you will have to download updates manually (we will show a warning in the app if you are using a build that is too old):

My audio / camera isn't working

Snaps run in a sandbox and require an additional step to connect extra abilities. If you installed Tandem from the Snap store, there should be a Permissions button on the Tandem page that lets you add camera / audio permissions. Or, run the following:

sudo snap connect tandem:camera :camera
sudo snap connect tandem:audio-record :audio-record
sudo snap connect tandem:pulseaudio :pulseaudio

How do I get browser URL reading to work?

Unfortunately, there are no standard APIs available on Linux for interfacing with Chrome and Firefox. You will have to install a browser extension. Tandem does not endorse these third-party extensions, but will work with the format they output, which is adding the URL (including http://) to the window title.

For Firefox:

To show the full URL (so teammates can join your exact page), go to the options page for the extension and check the "Show Full URL" box.

For Chrome:

To show the full URL (so teammates can join your exact page), go to the options page for the extension by pasting the following into your URL bar:chrome-extension://ignpacbgnbnkaiooknalneoeladjnfgb/options.htmlPaste the following and click Save:{title} - {protocol}://{hostname}{port}/{path}{args}{hash}

How can I share a single screen on a multi-monitor setup?

Unfortunately, Chrome / Electron has not supported multiple screens with xrandr. However, according to this ticket, there's a fix landing in Chrome 83, so we should hopefully be able to pick it up in an upcoming Tandem release.

How can I install Tandem on Chromebook?

If you'd like to use Tandem on your Chromebook, follow these instructions to enable Linux (Beta):

In addition, you will need to enable microphone support by following the instructions below. The Chrome team hasn't enabled camera support yet, sorry!

Finally, install Tandem by downloading the deb file here:

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