There are some known issues around using bluetooth headphones with voice chat programs. Though this can be an issue with all bluetooth-based headphones, it seems to be most pronounced with Airpods. 

If you find that your voice is delayed in conversation or that others can't hear you very well, we highly recommend ensuring the following settings: 

  1. Your audio output (what you're hearing/receiving in your headphones) should be set to your bluetooth headphones

  2. Your audio input (what you're saying/others are hearing) is set to your computer's internal microphone

This will highly improve both the way you sound to others and the way others sound to you. 

If you have both audio input and output connected to your bluetooth headphones, you may experience extra latency, a delay in voice start, a robotic-sounding voice when switching into a call, and poor music quality when switching from listening to a music into a call.

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