(Please note that the Chrome browser extension is not a Chrome OS version of Tandem.)

Our Tandem Chrome extension provides another layer of team collaboration with shared cursors and document sharing.

You can download the Chrome browser extension by going to Settings > Preferences, then selecting Chrome on the bottom of the menu on the left. The extension will be active for the Tandem team which you are logged into.

The Tandem Chrome extension allows you to share links with one click and see teammates' cursors when browsing the same URL. You can see cursor sharing in GitHub, Notion, Asana, Airtable, Trello, Google Docs, and Clubhouse. 

Please note that because the extension is live whenever you are using the Chrome browser, you will still see shared cursors even when the Tandem app is closed. If you and a teammate both have the extension and are both signed in to the same Tandem team, you will see each other's cursors on the above listed sites.

The link-sharing feature will send a link to everyone in your team. When you share a link and teammates join through the notification, everyone’s cursor can be seen on that page as well, no matter what page it is.


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