Music rooms allow you to play music for your teammates using Spotify premium.

Creating a music room

To set it up, create a new room and toggle the Music Room option. Then, join a room and start playing Spotify.

Listening to music in music rooms

Everyone will need to have Spotify premium to participate as a DJ or a listener. When joining the music room after the DJ, open your Spotify player (can be desktop app or on the browser) and push play. Tandem will then take over your Spotify player to synchronize it with the current track the DJ is playing.

Who is the DJ

The first person to join a music room will be a DJ. You can always see who the DJ is by looking at the main app. You can also see the current track they're playing in the main app.

To make someone else the DJ, hover over their name in the lower left hand corner of the call box.

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