Work app sharing gives your teammates a sense of what you're working on by showing your current work app icon in the main Tandem window and allowing teammates to hop to your page in calls.

If you use a work app that isn't in Tandem's default list and would like to add it, you can now add this app in your Tandem preferences.

How to add a custom app

The simplest way to add a custom app is to click the blue watch for next app button and then click the app you'd like to add to populate it. This works for both desktop apps and web apps. You can correct the name or update the app icon if needed.

You can also type the URL into the domain match field if it is a web app.

A third option is to name the executable file into the App name match field.

Note that users can only activate custom work apps for themselves. Once added though, other teammates will have the option to select it in their preferences should they choose to do so.

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