There are four ways to create meetings quickly in Tandem!

You can meet with:
-People on your Tandem team

-People that belong on other Tandem teams

-People who haven't tried Tandem yet

Meetings are ephemeral, a room pops up when the meeting starts and disappears after the last person leaves.

Schedule with Tandem's Google Chrome Extension

Download our Chrome extension to select Tandem as a call service for your meeting and generate a meeting link. You can now meet with anyone in Tandem!

If invitees are new to Tandem they will be guided to download the app and join the call when clicking the meeting link. Browser meetings coming soon!

Start a quick meeting right now

Perfect for impromptu meetings with more than one person. Choose a title for your meeting, join it, and scroll down the team list to add teammates to your meeting.

Generate a meeting link

If you click the "link" button you'll be able to copy a meeting link and use it however you wish.

Add it to a calendar invite, post it in Slack, text it to someone. etc.

Schedule a meeting

Click this link to schedule a meeting in Google calendar

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