Here are the different ways you can host your scheduled meetings in Tandem:

Integrate Google Calendar

Integrating your Google Calendar will show you a list of your meetings in Tandem. Clicking on a meeting allows you to start it in Tandem, and others on your team can see and join the meeting assuming they are already on Tandem.

This can be done regardless of if there is a meeting link or not for the meeting.

Download Tandem's Chrome Extension to add a meeting link

Download our Chrome extension to select Tandem as a call service for your meeting and generate a meeting link. You can now meet with anyone in Tandem!

If invitees are new to Tandem they will be guided to download the app and join the call when clicking the meeting link. Browser meetings coming soon!

Download Tandem's Google Marketplace app to add a meeting link

Download Tandem's marketplace app to select Tandem as the conferencing option for a meeting.

Create a new meeting from Tandem

Click on "new meeting" to access a meeting link you can share with others or schedule in Google Calendar.

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